What is non-medical care?

Home care means receiving services from a personal care provider. When frailty, chronic illness or forgetfulness makes living alone too difficult for seniors, home care enables them to maintain their quality of life and lifestyle.
Our care providers can provide household help, companionship, transportation, medication reminders, meal preparation and personal care. We cannot provide medical treatment or services..

Do I have to commit to a minimum number of hours each week or month?

No you decide when you require our services. You may only want an hour here and there, or it could be a daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.

Will I always have the same caregiver?

We take pride in matching you with a caregiver that is a good fit for your personality and home. We understand that most of our clients appreciate having the stability of the same caregiver day after day, and we strive to meet that expectation.

What happens if the caregiver that helps me is sick or goes on holiday?

Home Care Solutions has a large staff of caregivers so we can promptly and efficiently send another qualified caregiver to substitute in these circumstances. If desired, family members will be notified of any changes in staffing or scheduling.

What if I do not like the caregiver that is assigned?

We will change caregivers, without hesitation, until you are completely satisfied.

Why should I choose a home care company rather than employing a private caregiver?

Home Care Solutions will provide safe, well supervised, and well trained care providers to work in your home. We closely monitor our carers to ensure they are performing their work well, punctual, reliable and maintain high ethical standards while working.

As their employer, we assume all employment liability and compliance with all employment law. We stand by our commitment by maintaining liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Can my caregiver provide transportation?

Yes, with your authorisation, our caregivers can drive you to whatever destination you desire such as doctor’s appointments, shopping, recreational activities, errands, etc

What is respite care?

Respite care is designed to provide relief for a family member or close friend that is providing primary care. Primary caregivers often need a break from caring to rest, replenish their energy, as well as to avoid depression and burnout commonly associated with continuous care. Respite care allows the primary caregiver peace of mind that their loved one’s care is in the hands of a qualified professional.